Dead Devices

I've seen this now 3 times today. I re-initialize them and they sometimes come back to a normal state. However with the Fibaro I just clicked the re-initialize and it went to UNKNOWN and is now back to this state. Is this how "sleeping" sensors are shown in the Hubitat interface? The fibaro and zooz are both still sending data. I've verified that in the log.

I see this with the Aeon minimotes after a while; they go back to normal when you use them and wake them up.

I also had an Iris 3210-L zigbee plug (not the new firmware version) with Z-Wave repeater show ‘FAILED’ and then later ‘DEAD’ on the Z-Wave side after a while (the Zigbee part remained working fine). I excluded it and re-paired it and so far it still shows normal status.

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I see this behavior periodically. After I posted I checked again, maybe an hour or so later and things were “normal” again. I had other weird issues yesterday as well. Such as my entire box went dark with no network connection. Blue LED still on, but no network link. Maybe just a weird day, I noticed that there were issues with ST around the same time. Coincidence?

yes, nothing in Hubitat (except the initial registration) requires a WAN internet connection.

Any idea what caused my LAN connection to go offline? No link light at all. One thing I don’t like about black boxes and not being able to see system logs.

I did ping support. No reply. I got a reply from the forum faster. Unless I missed the email reply. One reason why I think a ticket system/portal would be useful. Especially in the case of things flying back and forth in email I may miss something and wonder why nobody responded and someone may have but I missed the response. Give you a CYA of being able to say there was a response look in the ticket portal. Jira is nice and can be used for bug tracking, help desk, feature requests… etc etc…

[EDIT]: Went back through email. I didn’t report this particular issue. I reported the full nothing running issue. If this happens again I’ll submit to support.


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