Day - 1 with Hubitat... please help me out with Leviton Wifi switches

Just installed Hubitat elevation a few hours ago all excited about not being depending on Cloud services like SmartThings (that still runs my house with WebCore).
What I didn't realize is that WiFi switches such as Leviton Decora Smart are not just "LAN devices" but actually need cloud service to run (or at least I think they do). My builder spread those around the house...
I tried to find workarounds online and saw some "test drivers" but I was not able to make them work...
Is there any link / reference to how one will be able to operate the Leviton Decora Smart WiFi switch with Hubitat? Ideally without cloud dependency but if I need to use cloud - I'll use that.

My device P/N is DW6HD

Any reference to a step-by-step / video / document will be highly appreciated!

Here is the first one I found, looks like it was last updated 2 months ago:

Do you have Hubitat Package Manager already installed? If so I'd probably suggest using that first but you can also just follow the instructions on that page to manually install the driver and virtual device.

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Thanks @junk , I have installed the driver and tried to create a device. It doesn't log into the Leviton cloud (not sure why, I use the same user/password from my app and I can login without an issue).
What is "Package manager"?
Also, assuming that Hubitat is Pi (is it?) can I install a homebridge on it as well?

Hubitat is not Pi.... In the forums search for hubitat package manager. It will have a link to the github repository. Install it raw as a user app. It contains most of the community apps and drivers and makes it easy to install and get updates

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I created this integration initially, and @dsegall helped to significantly improve it.

Please post in this thread where you may be able to get help getting it up and running: Leviton wifi switches & dimmers - #11 by tomw


Thanks @tomw . I was able to complete the integration. I think there was something in the process of setting the driver initially that went wrong. I re-did the steps and was able to authenticate to Leviton's cloud and am able to control my 5 switches.

I wish there was a way to avoid going out to the internet. I know that Z-wave / Zigbee will work better but this house came with those Leviton WiFi switches all over... if there is a local control "hack" , it will be great.


Swap them all out for Lutron Caseta... Why? Because they just work... They're a tank of a switch and I've yet to see one fail (I'm sure they have but I've never seen it) And the upside is you get to use PICO's!


I haven't seen one yet, unfortunately. There's chatter requesting local-only support in Home Assistant and other places, but nobody has figured it out.

If you want something local-only (which is also basically a requirement for me), you need something that runs locally. I use Lutron Caseta and Picos, like @rlithgow1 said. You can also use Tasmota-enabled switches if you don't mind the work to update their firmware. I have a little bit of both.

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I was able to get the drivers installed and access to MyLeviton. My issue is, if I turn on the light with the actual switch or with the app, HE hub never updates the switch. I read some of the forums about removing the polling and now work off websockets, but mine is not updating at all. Did I miss a step somewhere?

Hi @E_Church, welcome!

Most of the chatter and discussion on this integration is in this thread: Leviton wifi switches & dimmers - #11 by tomw

Please post over there with Hubitat Logs of what you see when you hit Initialize and Refresh on the parent driver. Make sure you enable logging on the My Leviton System virtual device and save first.