Daughter's family wants a security camera for Christmas

What say ye, O Hive Mind? Arlo, Ring, or Wyze?

They're not ready for Hubitat. Yet.

Although it is an unpopular opinion on here (no home automation integration, monthly fee)...

I love my Arlo Pro 3 cameras. They record every time they are supposed to, and takes zero effort on my part. I have solar panels on them, so don't have to worry about wiring them up or batteries either.

I don't care about integrating them w/Hubitat, so that was not a factor for me,

Arlo is a nice premium present to give as @JasonJoel suggested. Depends on what your budget is too. Wyze is an excellent choice. Stocking stuffer even, because it’s so inexpensive. In the end, it does the same thing, just isn’t wireless (needs power via a USB cable).

Do know however, Wyze has had an issue with their provider for person detection (Free on Wyze).. so until they sort that out, new devices will not get that feature until they find a new provider. They do plan to offer it for free again when that it sorted.

Wyze also not suitable for exterior use, in case that is required, whereas Arlo is rated for outdoor use...

Love my wyzecams. For the price, I don't think you could find a better value

I love my wyze. this is through a window.

Another comment on Arlo is that it's a devil's own job getting to images/videos for use on a dashboard. Needs a lot of work (python script etc) and an rPi. I don't have Wyze, but my understanding is they are much easier access (maybe someone else can elaborate).

Yeah, Your Wyze have beautiful picture quality!

Don’t let people tell you that. Even though the outdoor covers don’t completely cover them, they survive just fine. My front door camera is under my porch roof, but otherwise exposed. The back door pan cam is totally exposed.

I did a lot of research on what other Wyze users had to say about it. Most had them under the eaves for mild protection, but some actually had it totally exposed. They all say that they’re still going. Mine in the back is just barely covered at the top by the door frame, but it’s otherwise totally exposed and it’s been out there for six months. Still working fine.

I realize that Wyze would tell you it’s not appropriate, because they don’t want to have to warranty something that’s used in a way that’s not intended, but the better covers will protect them enough. And should they stop working, it’s so inexpensive to replace. Is it really worth it to spend six times the price?

Here’s the Wyze Pan Cam at my back door. Yes, I’m a little concerned when we get into the really icy days, but not so much that I want to spend $330 CAD vs the $50 CAD for the pan cam and $17 CAD for the outdoor cover.

Through a window. At night. Was my point. But quality is ok too. Not top of the line, but good enough for what I use them for.

Good to know, thanks. I was considering the Blink X2's which are also relatively good value (at least compared with the Arlos) especially because they have great battery life. But I've read some bad things about them so not sure. The issue with the Wyze for me is the need for power.

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Added a photo of my back door installation to the above post

Power can be an issue for some. Get creative if you can. Long USB power cables are available on Amazon for them. If you can use some crimp connectors or low melt temperature solder connectors like I did, you can make you own to just about any length. Everyone has those micro USB power cables that come with all kinds of devices. I just cut them in half and attach them to longer cables. In the front I used Spare CAT 5E cable I had, and in the back, it was even easier. There was an old telephone cable back there that was no longer in use, but already went into the house. So I just attached the USB A connection to one end on the inside and the micro USB connection outside where the camera is.

One thing about the cold Winter temps here in Toronto is batteries don’t do too well. Especially rechargeable. So for me, wired is more ideal.

I looked at Blink at first too, but the cost was higher, and there’s no person detection. Wyze temporarily will be losing that too, but they have said it will be offered again for free as it is now, once they find a new provider. I’m quite happy with their person detection now, so I do hope it will be as good and run locally on the camera like it does today.

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