DateTime connector triggering multiple times

I have moved my old rules/variables over to Rule 5 and hub variables, a process that spanned many hub updates so I have no idea what was created under what version. The problem is that some of the rules that are triggered by hub variable DateTime connectors are being triggered twice within milliseconds according to the log entries my rules make. Is this a current bug? If not, what exactly do I have to do to stop it on my end of things? Thanks!

Please show the rule and the logs.

One thing I noticed is that if I change the name of a rule, and then click the little gear to the side of the rule, the selectActionsParams entry doesn’t reflect the new name change – unless you go into actions and click done with actions – then it will update that parameter. The rules where the double triggering occurred had their name changed (they were cloned rules); I got those entries corrected (again, by just going into actions and selecting done) and they haven’t done the multiple triggers again. Here’s a screen shot of the gear page of a test rule I created with a name change (originally called “test name change 1”, now called “test name change 2”) still showing the old name for the selectActionParams

Without seeing the rule I don't have a clue what you're talking about. I would also need to see all of the App Status page, not just that portion.

Sorry I deleted it - it was just a test rule with a single line of action - turning on a switch. You can easily duplicate this - make any rule, save it, change the name, save it, look at the App status page selectActionsParams entry which doesn’t reflect the name change. Maybe that's not an issue at all, though it sure doesn't look right. And correcting it did fix (hopefully) the double trigger - or double going through the actions of a single trigger rule twice within milliseconds. I hope that helps...

Not really. selectActionParams has nothing to do with triggering of a rule, only with the display at the top of the Actions page of the rule name.

If you have a rule that "double triggers", I need to see logs of that happening, a screenshot of the rule, and the full App Status page. Show me....

OK - I've got a rule that sure looks like its going to trigger twice tonight - there are 2 jobs scheduled at the same time. How do I get that "full App Status page" that you want to you? There's a lot of screens...

OK, show me the rule and the Scheduled Jobs at the bottom of the App Status page.

Please open the rule, hit Update Rule, and then see if there are still two events for the same time in Scheduled Jobs. If there are, I will need to see the portion of Application State from the App Status page that has the words starting with the letter 'c'.

Also, if there are two events scheduled, try removing the Trigger Event completely so that there are no Trigger Events at all; hit Update Rule, and then recreate the Certain Time trigger. Then hit Update Rule, and see what the Scheduled Jobs are.

Update rule then Done - only single event now. FYI - I did what you suggested removing the trigger, saving, putting it back in - days ago to all my datetime triggers when this first appeared; it evidently still comes up.

Here's a log of another datetime triggered rule that happened recently

I also have 2 hub datetime variables on dashboard tiles that are not showing the correct value – they are hub variables assigned to sunrise and sunset. Reboot doesn't help.
Again I’m not sure if this problem has to do with them perhaps being created with a release that had an issue?? So I still don’t know if these datetime variable issues (double triggering/dashboard values) are current defects or of I just got caught up in the releases. I’m not looking forward to rewriting all those variables, but if the code is solid now in this area, I’ll do that; obviously I don’t want to go through all that work if it isn’t going help. Suggestions?


Those variables are given a new value each day in a rule that fires off at 5 am. Other datetime variable values are updated correctly on the dash, but not these 2 - even if I reboot or refresh. However, if I manually edit the times - not change it, just click update on the time setting, it will then be correctly updated on the dash.

I checked all my datetime connector triggered rules' schedules yesteday when making the posts - and we corrected the only one with double entries for scheduled events. Today, one of those other rules has a double schedule entry; again, yesterday, it didn't have that. Something is not right with those variable connectors on my system.

What has transpired in the past day with this rule, in general terms? Was the connector value changed during the day by anything?

Yes, all those hub datetime variables get set at 5:00 AM, all based upon the day's sunrise and sunset values.

Do you still have the one with double schedules? Even if not, please show me the Scheduled Jobs section of its App Status page. I will try to replicate...