Database size

My database was the largest it has ever been for no particular reason.

I didn't change much.

I did subscribe to cloud backup.

Would that make the database smaller somehow?

I started to reply with the soft reset until I re-read your post. Believe I read that the database will do a compress every other reboot (think it does a repair on the off reboot), so a double reboot may be the reason it shrank to a more normal size. I'd keep an eye on it and it it starts to grow rapidly again consider the soft reset.

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You can also try doing a couple of complete reboots. A soft reset is certainly the more complete solution but i have found on few occasions simply doing 2 reboots will allow the hub to clean itself up as well.

That said it probably takes less time to simply do a back and restore after a soft reset :stuck_out_tongue:

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I wasn't clear. The database is now smaller.

I just don't know why.

I did a couple of reboots trying to update my iBlind firmware. Sounds like that might have done it.

From what I have read and experience it is likely either a device got in a race condition, and was flooding the DB, Zwave device was in a bad state, or Database corruption that got cleaned up by the repeated restarts.

The latest firmware does have some DB cleanup functionality in it that occurs on rotating restarts. So by restarting it a few times you may have allowed those cleanup activities to fix whatever caused the condition.

I have experienced this myself as well.

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