Data poll issue with Enphase driver and JSON

I have an Enphase solar/battery system installed, and have installed and configured the Enphase driver/app on my Hubitat. Looking at the driver logs, I see this error in the logs:
"Enphase solar - JSON API not available, falling back to HTML interface (Envoy responded with status code 301)"
Using my Chrome browser, I accessed https://[envoy IP]/production.json and had to log in to my system to get the production data
I don't see where to add the login credentials in the Envoy driver.

Do you have a link to the driver?

If I am right based on a post on another post you made 5 days ago, I am guessing I am looking at the right code.

Was there anything more to the error message after the reference to code 301?

What if you try taking off the ".json" at the end of the url you used earlier? Changing it to "/production?locale=en"

for the driver.

When I use the link: https://[envoy IP]/home?locale=en-US I get an error banner "You are not authorized to view that page". Clicking though it, I enter my log in credentials and is able to view production data.
So, how to I get the driver to log into the same page to pull data?

What about

https://[envoy IP]/production?locale=en
http://[envoy IP]/production?locale=en

401 : Authroization error for both links

Hmmm... I'm not sure then. The driver doesn't appear to accept any authentication details, but there's a good chance I am missing something.

Ultimately you would be best to go back to the developer to find out what may be needed. Or at least another developer who has one of these systems who can test out some changes or troubleshoot it more than I can.

The 301 error you got originally does refer to a page / site having moved, according to online reading.... There may be something to that someone else could check on.

Thanks for jumping in.... was hoping the developer hangs around here. I'll probably file a bug report on Github eventually

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I did notice there was a more recent copy of the code posted by another developer on that thread. I don't expect it would correct this, but it may be worth a try...

The change is to pull real-time production data.... I need to get through the log in problem first

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Did you ever solve the issue, @visualvalhalla ?

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