Dashboards not loading background images after latest

@patrick I have background images linked to all of my dashboard. I wanted to bring it to your attention that none of them are loading now after uploading to . Each dashboard has a different image, hosted on a different site, so its not a hosting issue. This is on Chrome on Windows 10, Ipad mini / safari, and Android chrome browsers.

They are still shown as configured in the dashboard settings, but dashboards are loading with black backgrounds.

Same issue here, forgot to mention it in my thread with regards to the tile alignment.

Found issue, fix incoming.


Installed, having a problem with Image dashboards in Edge on Windows 10 PC:

Works fine on Firefox:

Thanks for catching this. It will be fixed in the next release.

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I can confirm that this issue HAS been fixed with Ipad safari, Windows 10 Chrome, Android chrome. Thanks for your quick work on this @patrick . I also much prefer this new dimmer slider location! Looks cleaner and goes the full width.


The backgrounds are not loading when using fully kiosk browser, is there way to allow them to load in this browser in android?

Did you ever figure this out? I can only have one backdrop image per dashboard in Fully. It works fine on Chrome.

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