Dashboards don't appear in the iOS app

Hi there,

I swear I've seen this problem before somewhere on this forum but I can't find the thread anymore. Anyway, I have a HE with a really simple dash with a few widgets on it and I want to make it available in the iOS app. When I view the dashboards I can see its name, but when I select it I get nothing but a white screen. This happens on both my iPhone (an iPhone 11 Pro running 15.0.2) and my partner's iPhone (an iPhone 7 also running iOS 15.something). Both are running the latest iOS client on the app store.

What I've also noticed is that I cannot open the Cloud URL to the dashboard on my phone nor my laptop, but the local LAN URL works okay. "Allow access to this dashboardvia remote/cloud links" is enabled under the dashboards advanced settings. I've also tried creating a whole new dashboard and get the same thing. Can anyone suggest what this could be?

Another thing - if I go to Tools>Notitications quite often the app says I have an invalid token (though now it's not doing it...grr). Would htat have anything to do with it?

Could be related to this thread: [INVESTIGATING] Issues with cloud dashboard - Get Help / Apps - Hubitat


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