Dashboards cannot connect

Hubitat elevation was working fine for months until recently. Unable to connect. Ping to IP gets reply. Unable to launch dashboards. Rules engine did not run last night. Network/router has been rebooted in attempt to fix. All other network is running. Power cycled Hubitat. Still unresponsive.

Green light showing.

Are you using a static IP for the hub? It would be unusual but not impossible that another device got that IP, or has a conflict, if you set a static within a DHCP pool. You can use the tool below to scan your network.


My hub shows the manufacture as Shenzhen Shiningworth Technology Co. Yours could be different, but that should help you located what IP your hub is on. If you see that listed use it to access the hub and make adjustments. Long term you should set your hub to a Static IP outside the DHCP pool.

Hope that helps if not let me know and we'll dig deeper.

Yes, for some reason my IP changed. Iā€™m up/running again.

In future... You can visit the hubitat portal... portal.hubitat.com... then click on "find hubs" and it will show your your hubs and their IP address...

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