Dashboards broken when offline?

AT&T died. I logged in to my Hubitat, selected a Dashboard and got a blank screen. Is that expected behavior? If I can't rely on the dashboard during an internet outage I am in trouble.

The Dashboard doesn't load resources outside of your hub by default. Only if you load them on your own through CSS or some other way. So no, not expected.

If I remember correctly (if not someone will correct me). The dashboard images are cloud hosted (not local) so without internet access there's nothing to load.

No internet = no dashboard

No, unless you have linked to cloud hosted images. By default all is local.

EDIT: Try it for yourself, open a Dashboard, Open Inspector, go to the Network tab, Refresh the page and look at the Domain resources are loaded from.

When your accessing the hub/dashboards your using a internal IP address, 192.168.1.X/dashboards or similar, correct?

I just tested it, and my dashboards are fine without internet access (with the exception of background/tiles making URL request - to be expected)


For debugging the issue at hand, open the Inspector of your browser and look in the Network tab for resources that can't load (Status isn't 200 or 101), also look in the console for error messages. Post any errors or Status codes which look wrong here and we can take it form there. You can also look at the hub logs to see if you have errors there.

I'm guessing this was a reply to me? Try to reply to a post not the thread so people can follow it.

Good info to know that the images are now local and not being pulled from the internet. Sorry I don't have a hub online currently to test with.

Weird. I don't have anything special, didn't expect any external dependancies. As soon as AT&T came back the dashboard started working again. I'll have to dig more. I have my own DHCP and could access the Hubitat directly, but the dashboard links went to a blank page.