Dashboards - boolean variable display not updating - is this a bug?

I have a hub variable called TVon that tracks whether the TV is on, because I want different behavior. This works fine, and I was wanting to use a "Status Dashboard" that I use for debugging to view the state of the variable. It doesn't update in realtime, the dashboard has to be reloaded. Is this a bug or expected behavior?


Without knowing the coder's intent, my gut tells me this is unwanted/unexpected behavior. It's bad enough that Boolean tiles on the Dashboard require manual input – literally having to click and type "TRUE" or "FALSE" – to change their value. It just generally feels like an unfinished feature, though I will grant that it only got introduced a little over a month ago. Still . . .

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I have actually been meaning to ask about that. On my desktop and IPhone using chrome I can click my Hub variable Boolean and it has a drop down and I can select true or false.

On the IOS HE app, however, I must type true or false. I don't know what would happen if I typed it wrong or used the wrong case as I have been careful the few times I did it. It seems like a problem though.

If you mis-type TRUE or FALSE, or put any other data type into that field, the variable value goes null. Definitely unwanted! Time for some serious data validation checks.
I know @bravenel is already aware of these...

This is now fixed on the cloud version of dashboards, dropdown should show up on both local and cloud.

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