Dashboard Warning: Excluded multizone attribute 1024 characters

This is a Dashboard warning, I'm assuming for a specific tile. Anyone know what kind of tile this might be referring to before I start randomly deleting them?

Do you have SuperTiles installed? Max characters on any tile is 1024.

Not sure what a SuperTile is, so I'd guess no.

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It would seem that something is pumping out a lot of chars then :flushed: Anything with massive attribute length you added?

Not that I can see... I'm not running anything out of the ordinary. Some switches/dimmers, a couple weather images. I've tried removing the images, but that's not it. I've got about 10 tiles left before I have an empty dashboard again, lol.

I just got that as well. Every 500ms.
My system was dog slow
I think it was linked to echo speaks and playlist. As soon as I removed it it was fine.

Aha, I see the syntax now. so in my case it's something to do with "multizone", which could possibly be related to @rob 's LIFX driver?

If you click on 'app 3' what is it?

Indeed, removing those from the list of possible devices cures it. However, the fault must lie with Dashboard, not any particular driver.

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It's Hubitat Dashboard. Looks like it's having trouble with some device drivers.

I'm not surprised Dashboard has a problem with the multizone attribute - it's actually an HTML table used to display the colour pattern of a LIFX beam or strip, it's definitely going to be quite large. I don't really ever use Dashboard so I'd never noticed this. Not sure what the best way around it would be.

The simplest fix would be to remove this attribute from the lifx driver.

I will probably leave the driver as-is, and just deselect it in the Dashboard settings instead of "use all devices", since I don't really need it in the dashboard.

That should work I think, it really doesn't need to be an attribute, I'll test it tomorrow.