Dashboard / Visitor alert

I wanted my wall mounted tablet dashboard to automatically switch to my porch cam when triggered by a sensor located there, have Alexa announce, "There's someone at the front door", and then revert back to the dashboard after a set delay. I found the app "Fully Kiosk" works great in accomplishing this. My apologies if everyone already knows how to set this up, but for those who may not, here's what i did:

  • Load "FullyKiosk" on the tablet and register for like 6 bucks to get the advanced features without the watermark.
  • Activate "Remote Admin" within the app
  • Set your dashboard start URL you can get from the dashboard app in Hubitat

Create a rule similar to the one below that first sends an HTTP post to the URL for your camera. In my case Blue Iris has an MPEG stream using:
http://[LAN IP ADDRESS]/mjpg/[short camera name]?/video.mjpg

embedded in Fully Kiosk's REST command:
http://[IP ADDRESS:2323/?cmd=loadURL&url=[URL]&password=kiosk2001

then issue the start URL REST to get the dashboard back and enter your desired delay:

so, I have...


Works great! When the sensor is tripped, Alexa announces someone at the door, the tablet switches to the porch cam for 20 seconds so we can see who it is, and then switches back to the normal dashboard automatically.

While you're at it, enable the cool motion feature and have the tablet wake every time you walk by and go right back to sleep on its own.


Thanks, very cool.

So cool. Stupidly I bought a real cheap tablet from Hong Kong using AliExpress. Then found although it runs Android v7, it won't run Fully Kiosk. Such annoying, cheap plastic rubbish. When will I ever learn? :roll_eyes:

That's cool. So I have the Dashboard in our living room. I wonder if:

  1. you can send stream to multiple Dashboards
  2. if you can send the stream to a Dashboard and Chromecast (which our backyard tv is)

Can't you put a custom ROM of bare android on it?

What you've done here is awesome! Could you elaborate on how you got HE to see your Echo? when I try to set up this same rule I can see my phone and my iPad as devices which I can send a notification. However, I can not see any of my Alexa devices. How do I make them available to HE for the purpose of trigger based announcements? Thank you

Did you install the "Echo Speaks" app?