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Hi All searched hi and low on here and the app and i cant find what i just assumed would be an essential feature!

I want to set up a dashboard for each room/ group and link them from a main dashboard, so that users can ONLY view a single main dashboard and then navigate to my other "hidden" dashboards from that one.

Other than viewing dashboards (preferably full screen) i dont want them to have any access to the app at all.

Am i missing something or is this not available?

If its not is there something that i can just display my dashboards on?

Thanks for any help.

For part of your question, I'm not clear on what you mean with "view." Do you mean just view device states but not send commands (e.g., "on" or "off") to devices? Or do you mean not able to modify the Dashboard itself (e.g., moving tiles)? Or do you mean just to view/see one Dashboard at a time and not the entire list except those you've specified? Any of these should be do-able if you use the right combination of options.

The second part of your question is easier to answer: you don't need the app to access Hubitat Dashboards. Each has its own local or cloud URL. If the device you're viewing them on is at home/on the same LAN, I'd use the local link. In the Hubitat admin UI, you can get this under Apps > Hubitat Dashboard by going to the "child app" for the actual Dashobard. Just use this in whatever browser you want. You can create tiles that are links to to other Dashboards, so if you just use the "main" Dashboard link, what it sounds like you might want should be do-able from there.

Beyond that, depending on what you really want, you may need to adjust the options for things under the "Advanced" heading in that same Dashboard child app--e.g., to disable tapping on "Dashboard" to get to a list of all Dashboards or to lock down the dashboard so you can't make changes when viewing it.

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Cheers Robert that sounds just what i need, i just want to build a full remote control system/dashboard that people/customers can view and use to send commands to turn on light s etc.. i was obviously overthinking it and hadnt latched onto the possibility of local web pages hosted on the hub.

been staring at this screen for to long pondering CSS.....

Actually this doesnt do what i need it to, or maybe im misunderstanding? even if i just use a link to the local url it still loads up the editing tools and that means a user can break the dashboard, i need a page that can be used as i design it to be used but not edited be the user.

Check out the options in the Apps > Hubitat Dashboard > (your child dashboard) page in the Hubitat admin UI. (Note that I'm starting with "Apps," not "Dashboards.") Under the "Advanced" heading, you'll probably want to:

  • check the box that says "Lock down dashboard so no changes can be made in the web UI of this Dashboard"; and
  • consider unchecking "Allow logo click to go back to Dashboard menu"

Both of these options are per-dashboard, so also consider adjusting the settings on any dashboard you link to from any dashboard you provide access to.

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Thanks Robert. Ok so that does indeed do what i need, but it locks me out as well, does that mean that i can only lock it globally rather than on specific devices?

Ideally what an engineer needs is for his interface to allow editing whilst user interfaces are locked to use only

There's not really any user authentication for Dashboards (actually, they kind of added something in the last hub firmware version or two, unique access tokens you can generate per "user," but that's really just a good way to revoke access from a specific person you've given a specific link to without having to re-generate a new token and thereby disrupt all users/links you've given that dashboard to...so not quite the same, and it doesn't know it's "you" in any case).

Long story short, if you want to make a change, you'll need to go into the admin UI, disable that option, edit your dashboard, then re-enable it.

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