Dashboard to Change Light Colours

I am creating a dashboard to change a lights colour.
This needs to be as simple to use as possible.
There wil be 8 tiles and each tile will turn on a specific colour (a tile for blue, one for red etc).
I do not want to change the brightness, just the colour, so I cannot use scenes(?).
But if I use virtual switches, then none of the other tiles turn off when another tile is selected so I end up with all the tiles showing as on, so the active colour is not known by looking at the tiles.

How could I use RM to turn off all other virtual switches, except for the one that is currently in use and set the colour to the selected one.

Okay, I just created a rule for each virtual switch turning on. Each rule turns off all the other virtual switches and sets the colour for the associated light. Lots of rules but it works.

Flakie, there is an app that does exactly what you want. Check HPM using light as tag.

Thanks, I have installed HPM but the search brings up a big list of Apps. I will have a look through them now.

Is Package Manger supposed to refresh the repositories every time you hit the browser back button?

Thanks anyway but I am going to stick with my virtual switches and rule machine :slight_smile:
I know what I am doing there. HPM is slow searching for me and now gives an error when I move to next page: Error: Cannot get property 'licenseFile' on null object, so I uninstalled it or tried to. Even that gives an error.
Update: removed it now.