Dashboard to a device capabilities?

Hy everyone!

I'm new to Hubitat, and would like to know if it is possible to create a dashboard to a specific device with its capabilities. For example, a dashboard to control a receiver, assigning tiles to the various controls. The receiver driver already exists, but it isn't practical to acces the device's page to control it... It would be like a remote control accessible through a specifc dashboard.

Might want to take a look at the Attribute Tile to see if it will work for what you want.

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Thanks a lot, thebearmay! It's exactly what I was searching for!!!

The Attribute tile will show you the value of the Attribute but won't perform any action by clicking it if that's what you want to do.

Control can be done with a virtual button controller with some work.

Thanks stephen_nutt! That is my intention. Do you know where I may found some documentation about this? I'm trying to build a remote control with some predefinitions... I know it's possible in HA, but I believe that with some work I may do it with HE!

I'm not aware of in-depth documentation. Here are a couple of dashboards that I use. One is for a Roku that is controllable with HTTP Requests and another for Theater Room that is a combination of HTTP Requests, Broandlink IR commands, and HE actions.

How do you control your devices? What are they specifically?

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I use one Harmony Hub and several Broadlinks R3 Mini scattered around the house. The devices to be controlled are three Samsung TVs - the direct integration I tested didn't work well! - and several air conditioners. And congratulations, yours dashboards are awesome! I guess I should study the HTTP Requests method...

Did you find and install the community integrations for Harmony & Broadlink? The creator of the Broadlink code has pulled it and didn't want it shared anymore unfortunately so if you don't already have it, you are probably SOL.

I use a Broadlink integration on Raspberry Pi and do all of my logic using Node Red on same Pi but RM can do any of the logic/automation I did in Node Red.

If you look in the original Broadlink thread in the last posts, someone posted a link to the latest available version, it will most likely be a bit buggy since no one is maintaining the code anymore but it's a start.

Thanks a lot, guys! Your tips are a great start to a HE noob! I'll look for the Broadlink code, I'm already using the Harmony, but only some basic functions.
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One thing I forgot to mention, if you go my route, create a virtual button device and assign as many buttons to that one device as you need. Mine have 25+ buttons. Then you are only creating one virtual devices per dashboard remote. Then use RM or Button Controller to assign actions to each button.