Dashboard Time bug?

So I’ve found a possible time bug and here’s the scenario:

I live in Melbourne, Victoria but I’m currently on vacation in Adelaide, South Australia. The zones are 30 mins apart.

When I check on my house via the app or web browser (dashboard) it shows the time here in Adelaide instead of the time at my house.

I know the C7 knows the correct time as It shows in settings:

Is this a bug or intentional? Personally I’d prefer the dashboard to reflect the local system Time (as in there TZ where the hub is located) as per hub settings.

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@dJOS Check your longitude/latitude. I think that can offset the time

The time in the system settings (hub details) on the C7 is correct no matter where I am, but when I check the time from another Timezone via the dashboard it’s showing the time where I am, not at my house.

Well that should be right. If you're not in your own time zone then the device you are on is going to show the time zone you're in unless you also set that device to your home time zone. So the automatons are firing at the proper time at home correct? (trying to understand your locality setup)

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I think so but as I was remotely troubleshooting my vacation settings from a different timezone, it confused the living daylights out of me.

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Yeah, it's your local device. It's reading that. So it's correct. Solution during trouble shooting, set your local device to your home time zone.

I just don’t understand the logic behind showing a time other than the one where the remote Hubitat is located and configured to operate?

What’s the benefit?

In my Experience It just creates the potential for confusion.


On the surface this is a reasonable suggestion, however this can throw out your calendar for the period you are working on the Hubitat. Which is less than ideal when you are on a working vacation with the family and have meetings to attend.

I think it's pretty standard. So let's say you go to a web site in the US.. The time you will be shown (should time be displayed for a specific reason) will show your device's time, not the server's actual time.

That makes sense in that scenario, but this is a home automation system that is locally hosted and normally only accessed by the owner.

If I connect to my Synolgy router, Synolgy NAS’s or Open Media Vault servers remotely via web interface, they display the time at the location they reside.

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Perhaps this might best be answered by @gopher.ny

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This is the intended behavior. There are arguments for (and against) doing it both ways, and this is the one that's been settled on a while back.

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You can use my date / time display driver if you want. I suspect it may display the local time zone by default, but, otherwise, you can set the time zone you want to use. There is also @jshimota 's driver I have linked on there as well, can't remember if it would cater for this or not...


Cheers, I’ll take a look.

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