Dashboard tile not updating

I have a device that the dashboard tile tends to not respond / update. The device itself seems to function properly responding to Alexa commands or automations just fine. Any ideas how to correct this? is it something as simple as deleting the tile and recreating it? or something more in depth.

What is the brand and model of this device?

What driver (device type) is this device using? Built-in driver or community driver?

It's an Inovelli RGB bulb LZW42.) , running their 1.31 beta driver. I have 5 others on the system, all of them but this one are fine, and have been rock solid for a while . this one just started acting up a few days ago. I've done refresh a few times, and that usually trips it, but I really don't want to keep refreshing every day or so. As I said, works as intended with Alexa and automations, just the tile doesn't seem to be updating. I really use the dashboard tile more for visual verification of status than actual control of the bulb.