Dashboard Thermostat Status

Good Morning.
I recently had to re-pair one of my Go Control Thermostats. Well i probably didn't have to re-pair it but the batteries must have been too weak to get signal so i just reset it when i was changing batteries.
It's the Go-Control GC-TBZ48L.

I dont think my question is specific to this thermostat...but uncertain.
When i set these up in the dashboard, after selecting the respective go control, i selected thermostat for the template. I had to manually select the driver as HE stated device..and i selected the GoControl ZWave Thermostat.

Previously when in cooling mode, the tile on my dashboard would turn blue, If it was not cooling it would be the default color. After i re-paired my upstairs Go Control, that color no longer works when cooling and it states Status Unknown.

I also noticed that the one that i didn't re-pair to the system will often leave the tile blue when it's not cooling.
This really isn't a big deal. Its easy enough to confirm the mode by whats in the center of the tile ( cool / heat / off...etc) but just wondering if there were any hints to get the states right and the coloring of the tile.

should i just remove them from the system, factory reset and re-pair, then set up new tiles?

Thanks in advance.


Could you post the cluster details for the device under settings, zwave details? If the first one isn't 0x5E it may need to be polled to get status updates.


Also are you seeing route information in the last column?


Are you able to control the device manually from the device and confirmed that it is updating on the thermostat?

What version are of software are you running on the hub?


And finally any errors or busy messages in the logs?

The tile color indicates the thermostat operating state (cooling, heating, idle or fan only). That is what is is currently commanding from the furnace. On a summer day, this should alternate between blue when cooling is being commanded and gray when the setpoint is satisfied. Many thermostats do not do a good job of updating this to Hubitat promptly.

The mode is a different thing than operating state. The mode is how the user has set the thermostat. It can be set to cool all summer and to heat all winter. Many thermostats can also be set to auto, so you don't have the switch them when seasons change.

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