Dashboard Thermostat Scheduler and Android Link

2 Part question for Dashboard.

  1. Is there a feature to have a Thermostat Schedule tile on the dashboard to make changes to the schedule and/or link to the scheduler on the hub? This is a Spousal Acceptance Factor

  2. When using an Android based tablet for a dashboard, can you use a tile to link to open an app?

Thanks in advance!

Good idea -always need the Spousal Acceptance Factor. These are good questions; I have the same. Hopefully, we'll get some answers:upside_down_face:

I'm also interested in having a way for family members and guests interact with the thermostat via a dashboard on a wall mounted tablet. Right now that means a complex set of variables, buttons and rules.

Adding this kind of functionality to Thermostat Scheduler on a dashboard could be done with a tile similar to a thermostat with some tile options to limit how far the heat/cool can be increased/decreased (so someone can't turn the heat up to 80 or the AC down to 70). I'm not sure the best way to handle different time periods. Maybe a drop down to allow the period to be selected and then the thermostat controls apply to that period.