Dashboard: Thermostat not being controlled by tile

I own multiple Stelpro STZW402+ thermostats connected to baseboard heaters. When I create a tile to control it, the "template" temperature does not allow me to set the heat point. It has mode and fan, both of which are not recognized (because it is heat only and has no fan).

Is there a "template" that allows me to set a thermostat's heating set point?

I have those. Normally I don't use the dashboard but I tested a tile (regular thermostat template) just to see if I could set it and I have no trouble setting the heatpoint by .5 increment with the little arrows at the bottom.

I'm using the Smartthings driver.

By the way you can't set the heatpoint for eco mode through zwave command with those.

I went back in and edited the tile and it looks like I hadn't selected the thermostat in the left portion and so that is why. Lol sry.