Dashboard Suggestions/Ideas

Hi all,

I recently purchased a couple of Samsung Galaxy tablets which I am planning to wall mount & set them up with custom dashboards so I thought I'd ask for some suggestions and ideas here.

What platform have you used for this type of use case? I heard that SharpTools is quite decent? I put together a dashboard using HE's native app but I feel like there might be better options out there.

Thanks in advance.

I use THIS on all of my pads and phones.

I found that the built-in HE dashboards are more than adequate for my needs, but it just depends on the functionality you want to get out of the dashboard. I've got mine on a Fire 7 and plan on adding another soon.

I used SharpTools for a while, but just didn't like the feel and customization; I have a few friends that really like SharpTools. For me it hit home the other morning when my modem dropped the Xfinity connection...everything still worked on my local network and I still had full dashboard and automation control even without working Internet. Ignore the ramblings of a complete amateur, but I have some dashboard examples here. Plus I'm sure you've seen the big HE dashboard thread on the forum.

I came from many years as a beta tester for Action Tiles. If you want something easier to set up and more configurable this is the best bet.

Regular HE dashboards are amazing if you take the time to style them right.

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I use my own app called HousePanel. It’s highly customizable and runs in a local rPI. Read about it here:


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Thanks you all for your input so far, that's much appreciated - I'll probably start doing some work on this next week.

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