Dashboard Solution to Display House Door Usage

Hello. I have 5 exterior doors on my house. I am installing a Ring V2 contact sensor at each door and have paired them successfully with Hubitat. I am building a new sub-dashboard that I wish to display the last 5-10 open/close activities per door. So, I envision 5 different tiles that each display the last 5-10 open/close events for that particular door. I want to display the date and time each door was opened/closed. I want each door to be on a separate display tile. I can do this via the Notifications App and notification tile but I need a tile solution on the dashboard to place the message into by door.

I have thought about using the Notify Tile but how do I create 5 new versions of the Tile device? One for each door contact/info.

Is there a better solution? I've look at Message Rotator but can't seem to get it to install properly from Hubitat Package Manager. Does it appear as an App, or device, or app code? I can't locate it after the install.

Any ideas and advice are appreciated.



I've got a solution working by using the Notify Tile Device. I've created a uniquely named Notify Tile Device for each door.

Notify Tile Front Door - Device Type "Notification Tile"

I then insert a "Notify Tile Front Door" Device Tile on my "Doors Dashboard" Using "Attribute" as the Template with the LAST5 as the Attribute.

I'll repeat this for the other 4 doors.

This provides a solution. Not sure it is the only, or the best but it will work. I'd really prefer a tile that contains a table of the last 5 date and times that the door opened/closed.

BTW. I use this as we contract a Dog sitter sometimes for 2 weeks at a time, and I need to see how often, and when they come and go. This is a way of tracking the time that they actually spend in my house taking care of the house and dog. Some sitters in the past have been in and out in 5 minutes. I can also track this activity in my RING Alarm log files, but I wanted a more visible solution on my Hubitat dashboards. I have 2 contact sensors on each door - 1 for Ring pairing, the other for Hubitat Pairing.


I haven't tried it myself, but this app looks like it provides features that fit your request