Dashboard Scene Button Seems Kind of Useless

I don't get the concept of the Dashboard Scene Tile/Button. It has an On and an Off part to it, but you can't tell from looking at this tile whether the scene is On or Off, unlike the Switch tile. I thought perhaps there was a way to edit this, but when I check in the tile editor, it lists only one state - "default" for the Scene Tile, unlike the "On" and "Off" states for the switch.

Am I missing something here, or does everyone else find it just as useless?

I must admit I haven't used the scene tiles much myself. I was also a little confused....

HAHA I actually use this setup on my dashboard. So yeah I have the tile with the on and off button and also a tile that has my RGBW light strip(s) around the house that come on automatically and show the current color of those strips. Sometimes we also do manual turning on of those lights, For example today I use the R-W-B scene to turn on my strip lights around the house to red white and blue.

I use them myself for scenes in each room. For me I don't need them to reflect the state in the dashboard as I'm in the room they are used for. It's just a quick way to change a scene and more importantly the wife likes the look. The chill tile has a gif background.