Dashboard problems with Konnected boards

I had a lightning strike several weeks ago. Fried ethernet connected devices. The damaged devices did not function at all. The Hubitat Hub does still function and was told it was not likely damaged because it still basically functions.
I set this hub up a year or more ago and had zero problems setting it all up.
Setting up the dashboard with the alarm (everything is hardwired to Konnected boards) is impossible.
Devices - can not get some of the devices loaded into the devices list.
Dashboard - Only a few tiles for devices for alarm function (changing color when activated, etc).
I have done a soft reset.
I see in the logs and other areas that the device/sensor is tripped.
I'm at the point where I think there is something physically wrong/damaged within the Hub.
Sure wish Hubitat had phone support!!
Any and all help greatly appreciated.


I would connect the konnected alarm boards to smart things to make sure they are working as they should. Then use the knnected app in Hubitat to readd the boards and then delete the original boards under the app. I had issues when I first added knnected and had to readd the boards. My two cents.... Scott

Can you PM the hub id to the @support_team ?
We can check the engineering logs on the hub for clues.