Dashboard PIn Security

Can the dashboard pin be secured. When I type in the pin, it is shown instead of being hidden like a password. My browser saves the pin because it's text and makes it easy for anyone to login.

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Yes, it ideally should not be shown in plain text.

(you can force your browser to not save it) But someone just looking at your screen can see you as you type it in

I like the idea of hiding PINs. Another powerful feature would the the ability to assign Lock Code Manger users to dashboards so each user can use their on PIN to access specific dashboards.

I agree but just hiding the password would be a great first step

This is fixed in 6.2.

I have a suggestion regarding this matter:
Secure the dashboard with Pin is a nice feature but is applicable to both access, from outside and from inside my private network.

When I'm in my private network I fill secure as is just my intranet... I don't need a pin on this environment so I would like to suggest the Pin option for each case separately.

Can the staff implement this in the next release?

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I second that. Actually I would love to see an option to totally disable cloud access. I know you can set it with every dashboard (I mean with the whole HE at once) and disable it in the app as well therefore the app never has to change between modes. As I'm always on my own VPN it is always local.

In the mean time, just copy and paste the layout to a new dashboard. Use one locally without the pin and disable cloud access for it. The original, just disable local access and use the pin for cloud.

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