Dashboard panel

I would like to see a web dashboard, similar to ActionTiles, implemented. If that were available, and available off-site, I could ditch SmartThings completely.

About all I use ST for is ActionTiles and integration with my thermostat (Bryant derivation of Ecobee.)

There’s two. Housepanel (which you’ll need to locally host as a website) and the older SmartTiles, but for the latter you’ll need to have a copy of the code from before the migration to ActionTiles.

There’s an in house dashboard and app being worked on but no timeline for availability.

Thanks, but I don’t have the SmartTiles code, and Housepanel is way beyond my skill level. I’ll wait for the in-house dashboard and app.

Ken is great at offering help to get you started. While it is hugely customizable, getting a basic system up and running isn’t too hard. An RPi is your easiest path, but a home Linux or Windows server running Apache also works fine.

Sounds like you had and still have ST? In that case, I’m assuming you’re aware of the krlaframboise “Other Hub” apps/DTHs that allow you to expose most Hubitat devices in ST, which would still allow for (among other uses) monitoring and control via ActionTiles. That’s what I’m doing for the moment since I can’t decide between HADash (I already have Home Assistant, too) or HousePanel or just waiting for Hubitat’s proposed dashboard.

This is exactly what I am doing.