Dashboard only shows hourglass after user action

The switch is changing state, the events are being logged but the driver state is not updating.

  • deviceType: 17495
  • inClusters: 0x26,0x2B,0x2C,0x27,0x73,0x70,0x86,0x72
  • deviceId: 12340
  • manufacturer: 335

I am using the generic zwave dimmer driver.

I don't believe I was having issues on the old dashboard. Have the zwave dimmer drivers changed?

What is the device?

I need to take off the face plate to see what brand it is, but it is a zwave dimmer switch.

Sounds like an older non-updating pre lutron patent expired dimmer. Try the z-wave poller app to get it to poll for updates.

Here it's a picture of the dimmer.

It is a GoControl WD500Z-1.

Only 1 I have

Looks like the latest platform update fixed the issue for me and it works as before (actually better as I like dashboard v2 better). Thanks so much Patrick and hubitat team!

Hi Patrick...I'm new to the forum and to Hubitat. I just received my hub yesterday and I'm configuring my network devices. All of my GE and Cree network (Zigbee) bulbs work flawlessly. I don't have the background in "Z-Wave" that others have. I am also experiencing the "hourglass" problem when using the Dashboard only...the light changes state but the hourglass remains. If I refresh the URL, the dashboard shows the change and the hourglass disappears. If I got directly to the device from the device menu It works as expected.

Unfortunately Patrick no longer works at Hubitat... So he may/may not get that message.

May want to direct it to support@hubutat.com ...