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The Dashboards are great however with many devices, you need to have multiple devices. It would be excellent to have one ICON that changes state (Green to Red) if ANY water sensor is triggered! This ICON should be linked to a second dashboard with all the water sensors. The same idea would be great for all Windows and doors, if any are opened, one ICON changes state, the user clicks on this ICON and all Windows/Doors are displayed on a linked dashboard. This would allow users to have ONE main dashboard which could display all devices that by grouping like devices to one ICON on the Main dashboard. Thanks Habitat!

You should be able to do that with the switch template. That said, I would think a notification message would be more useful than an icon you may not see is on. The message would be "Water sensor %device% has been triggered. Please check that area for a leak. Water shutoff has been activated"

You could create a Master Virtual water sensor then create a rule that if any of the actual water sensors detects water, it will change the Master Virtual to wet. Then, another rule that if any actual water sensor changes to dry, it will change the Master Virtual to dry IF all of the water sensors are reporting dry.

Then, do the same thing with a Master Virtual Contact Sensor for doors.

I agree with @rlithgow1 that including a notification in the rule triggered by wet water sensor should include which water sensor is reporting wet.

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You could probably use a virtual device and Hubitat Safety Monitor for this.

  • Create a virtual switch or light, name it Water Alert or similar.
  • Go to HSM, Create Custom Monitoring Rule.
  • Select your devices, and at the bottom of the configuration page, there is a box to select light switches.
  • After you are done with that, go back to Apps tab, Dashboards, and add your virtual device to a dashboard of your choosing.
  • Back in Dashboard tab, add a new tile, pick this virtual switch.

The only oddity here is that you can turn the switch off if you were to tap the tile.

Using HSM you also get options to notify on a phone, blink/turn on lights, change color of a RGB bulb, and automatically close a water valve.

If HSM detects

I do this a variable. A rule for each alert sets its own variable to '%time% - alert_details' and sets a boolean to true. That triggers another rule that displays the variable(s) from each rule in another variable that's displayed on the dashboard. When no alert from any rule is active, the displayed variable returns to 'null' and the dashboard tile goes blank. It works great but is a little awkward to add additional alerts.

I'm sure what I've done with several variables and rules would/could be better served by an app but I don't have the coding abilities to write it.

Example event rule:

Actions that each event rule triggers:

The rule that triggers and causes the displayed variable to switch between each active alert:

The above was a pain in the backside for me to do. It would be great if someone with the skills could write an app where you could do similar.

My Status Avatar driver may suit what you are after:

You could use @FriedCheese2006's Sensor Groups+ app ([RELEASE] Sensor Groups+) to create a virtual device reflecting the state of a group of sensors, add a tile for that virtual device on your dashboard, and then add a second tile over it with a link to the respective dashboard.

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laso Snapshot wil do the jobe. take a look at it [RELEASE] Snapshot - Monitor devices and sensors - see status on dashboard, by notifications and speech

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