Dashboard not updating

I have a dashboard with dimmer tiles for hue bulbs in my bedroom. If they bulbs are turned on with motion or Alexa the dashboard doesn’t update to reflect the bulb being on (or off).

Can you check the device details page in the hub ui and see if the state is being updated there when it changes externally?

It may be over the weekend but I will take a look.

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Does reloading the dashboard update the status?

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@patrick - I am having this same issue. I thought it was just how the dashboard functions. Most of my devices on the dashboard are using the homecloudhub app to interface my window and door contact sensors to smartThings. From there I am using the hub link app to update Hubitat. When a door or window sensor opens I can see it update in both smartThings and HE, but the dashboard takes minutes to update. Any advice?

So, Dashboard simply checks for any state update for any device in last X seconds (defaults are 2 for local, 5 for cloud).

If a change has occured you can see that change in the updates request / response in the browser console (f12) and the network tab. You should see one every X seconds.

The response of update is just the changed state for the changed device.

This is essentially how the device detail page http://[hubip]/device/edit/[id] updates the state on the right side as well.

So if it updates in the device detail page, it should update in Dashboard (or at least the updates response).

There are few bugs that are fixed in the next release where certain situations would cause a tile to not get updated unless refreshed (at 5 minute intervals automatically, or manually) or where it would actually get updated, but due to a bug in custom colors not set for all states, it would appear to not change back to default colors.

So, my advice, is watch the console update responses at the same time as live logging and device details and see if you see all 3 report a state change. If they do and dashboard isn't updating, wait for the next update that should address it. If it isn't logging or changing state in device details, dashboard will not get the change either.

This sounds like what I am seeing. I do have custom colors set for these devices.

So simple question is if it changes state but doesn't update dashboard, does it correct itself after a manual refresh? If so, with custom colors, define all the states for all the colors.

Yeah.... I just went and set custom colors for all of the devices and it looks like it resolved the issue so far. I'll keep monitoring it and let you know.

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