Dashboard not loading from app

All of a sudden I do not have access to my dashboards from the app dashboard tab (whether on Wi-Fi or not). I can access my dashboards without issue once ‘connecting to hub’ via the ‘tools’ tab, but only when on Wi-Fi. Cloud access appears to be broken.
I have not made any changes to my home network setup.

I have read a few posts re this….and can confirm the following:
Dashboards are set to be visible locally or via cloud (they always have been)
I have tried a hub reset. Hub is on latest firmware
I have tried a router reset.
Hub is accessible on the same IP address it was prior to this issue arising.
I have tried a hub network reset (pin in the bottom of the hub method)

Any advice appreciated

@pavr27 Remove the app from your phone, restart phone, reinstall app and see if that works.

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I don't think hubitat was impacted today but AWS US-east-2 was down for an hour or 2

Thanks, re-installing the app fixed it. It’s slightly disconcerting that it happened…but all good now.

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