Dashboard -Multi Pins - and more thoughs

It would be great if there was a option to have multiple pin codes for dashboards.

Like if using Lock Code Manager, allow following users to use their pin on current dashboard.

So rather than "Require a numerical pin to be entered before sending an HSM command." if Lock Code Manager is used provide a drop down of user to select.

And then give the ability to record the info of what pin was used, so we can create a rule based on the user code entered.

To use a tablet / Dashboard. and allow users to arm and disarm system and based on user I can run a particular rule and send notification who armed or dissarmed system.

When selecting Dashboard icon - HSM, ability to remove/hide/rename options.
Example: I would like to only show Arm Home, Arm Away, Disarm All and hide Events, Alerts

Even better would be to give the option of a virtual keypad when pressing HSM, so it would look like a keypad on the wall. Top would show current State, and then the options for arming disarming (According to selection) and then a number pad. so we use it like a real keypad.

This will make it easy for guests staying over and such.

And if we could control the pin requirements by icon/device instead of whole page.

Also it would be nice that once a pin was entered and press go, that the HSM would also close automatically..

I like the idea of a virtual keypad opening from the dashboard....maybe without even clicking on the tile,for the use case when entering a building to deactivate the alarm. Easy for guests as you say.

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