Dashboard Minimum Requirements

Morning all (or afternoon/evening if applicable)!

Question...what are the minimum hardware (if any) and software requirements for Dashboard?

I have an older iPad 2 and the browsers don’t seem to render the local links correctly nor show the menu windows properly. Just wondering if it is due to either device architecture (32 bit) or the browsers being limited to older versions and maybe not supporting HTML5 thoroughly or whatever other language is being used to generate the Dashboard and its Menu.

Just want to figure out if I should pursue trying to use it as a dashboard device or if it is past its usefulness for it.

If anyone has an iPad 2 running it well can you tell me what you’re using? I typically use iCab browser for dashboards because it gives me some of the kiosk features if Fully Kiosk and is an iOS app.


I believe CSS grid attributes require HTML5.