Dashboard loading time

I've read that custom tiles can slow things down a little, but I don't have any custom tiles on my dashboard. Custom devices and custom drivers yes.

My dashboard seems to take a while to load on mobile and defaults to the cloud version (which I can't seem to see how to setup to try local first).

Sometimes it keeps the white hubitat loading screen for ages (as in 20 seconds unless I click the back button then choose dashboards) and other times its only a few seconds.

Then sometimes it sits on the back screen loading the particular dashboard for 10 seconds, other times its quite fast.

So it's not consistent and not sure what makes it take a long time sometimes. Sometimes I feel it would have been quicker to walk around the house and turn the devices off myself (the ones not on google home).

Any suggestions of how to diagnose why it sometimes takes a long time to load? My wife's iPhone doesn't seem to have the long hubitat loading screen problem.

How are you accessing the dashboards? It sounds like you are using the Hubitat app. I would recommend using your browser. There are separate links for local and cloud dashboards. Have you enabled the dashboard to use all devices or only selected the ones you want to display? I seem to recall a post a while back about this affecting load speeds. When I try to load a dashboard on my phone I built for use on my PC, it takes considerably longer to load than the ones I created for use on my phone. I am running numerous custom tiles. I have links to the dashboard main page and also directly to individual boards. They are coming up in a second or two and I'm using the cloud links at the moment. The PC board takes about 5 or so seconds to load up.

Yes mobile app. I'll check out the performance of mobile using Web browser (Chrome).

I don't remember anything to do with dashboard accessing all devices. I may look into that.

So it seems initially that the browser seems faster, or at least doesn't have usually long waits sometimes. I also found the app dashboard didn't always update so certain switches are actually on but appear off even when the dash appeared to be updating. Going out of the dashboard and back in again then had the tiles in the right state.

I like the app don't get me wrong, but the slow load times on occasions and more so the dashboard not always updating (my internet connection is fine as far as I'm aware) makes me hope there will be improvements shortly. I realise the all is a new addition.

One thing I found that significantly speeds up dashboard loading time is ensuring that in the settings (from the apps section not directly from the dashboard) the option to include all devices is set to off, and that you explicitly only allow access to the devices that are used in the dashboard.

I have 25 switches/dimmers on the dashboard so it's probably half of my devices.. So unfortunately turning all devices off didn't make a huge difference.

If having lots of devices slows then down I may look into seperating into sub dashboards.

Is the local or cloud dashboard slow to load? Or are both equally slow?

The local seems twice as fast when the dashboard is loading normally. Sometimes it loads in reasonable time but still say 5 seconds on cloud. Other times it can be magnitudes longer than this. It's these longer times that the problem.

I've also found that when opening the hubitat app that the loading screen (white screen) can often take a long time. Often coming up with the no token message (or something like that).

The one thing you haven't mentioned is what device this is that is having the slow down.

My Android mobile. I believe my wife's iPhone doesn't have this problem, well she hasn't mentioned it which I would have expected. I think she definetly would have mentioned the long load time for the hubitat app (the white screen) as that often ends with an error. I normally click the back button on the screen if it sits there. I may need to do more diagnostics.

Another thing I've noticed on the dashboard is that every say 5 seconds the green tick turns red exclamation mark and then back to green. Is that normal or indicating a connection problem?

Sounds like you have connection problems. That is not normal.

I have that too on my Android device. But only on cloud. I was going to wait for a couple of versions but I'm just going to say it now:
@patrick I have a feature request. An option in the app to disable cloud access totally. For the people who use a VPN connection to home.

It's already there. Go into the dashboard app, select the dashboard and it's under "Advanced". You can even restrict local access.

I know. But when my phones VPN doesn't work the mobile app will switch to cloud access (with the 5 second popup) and then when I click on the dashboard it gives an access denied. What I mean is I want the mobile app to prevent from ever switching to cloud access.

Also when I switch from wifi to 4G the app assumes I wanna connect to the cloud based dashboard. Since I use a VPN I don't want that.

I see, said the blind man.:sunglasses:

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