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Hi to all,

Sometimes the dashboard drives me crazy when it comes to tiles sitting on top of others. My main dashboard is composed of tiles that traditionally could be considered as layers. A symbolic room picture on the back. Some attribute tiles on top of the picture to give some immediate feedback of some states and a link tile on the top with a link to dedicated dashboard for this room.

Every time I want to add a tile between the picture and the tile on top with the link, like a light status feedback, this means either deleting and recreating the top tile (all CSS will have to be manually cleaned) or fiddling around in the Layout JSON.

I wrote a small Mac App to handle this. The JSON can be pasted in and different operations can be done nearly automatically. The template types can be reordered by drag and drop and the JSON file is transformed, so that the tiles are reordered and a "layer order" by template can be simulated.

An other approach is to give tiles new ID numbers, like all "Link" tiles get ID's above 1000, then you can reorder them by ID so that all "Link" tiles are on top of all others. To do so, you can change tile ID's in the App and don't need to change the directly inside the JSON and to risk to damage the JSON format.

The JSON format for a selected tile ID is also shown.

The transformed JSON file can be copied and pasted back into Hubitat.

I wrote the app for Mac as I work on Mac, but could create a Windows app with ease. I'm just wondering if someone is interested in such an app ?

Thanks for your feedback.


That's an awesome App you've created!
I'd love to see a Windows version if at all possible?

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Yes, yes ...
Here it is : Release Thread


You are an absolute champion!!
Thank you so much

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