Dashboard issues due to custom virtual valve driver

Trying to use the virtual valve template in a dashboard. When the device is open, it's represented by a dripping valve icon on a blue field. When the valve is closed, it's represented by a "?" in a circle on grey background. Clicking on the valve when it's open, you get a prompt "are you sure" and if you say yes it closes it. However, clicking on the closed valve, you get the same "are you sure" prompt but it does nothing if you say yes.

Any suggestions?

Hubitat does not have a built-in virtual valve driver, so you must be using a custom driver. I just threw together a quick virtual driver to test the Dashboard tile myself (since I don't have any real such devices to test it with), and it works as expected, so that would lead me to conclude that the most likely issue here is a problem with your driver rather than Dashboard.


I'd agree with @bertabcd1234 , it is more likely the driver you are using. Most Dashboard tiles will look at a particular attribute and have a list of known states that attribute can be in, such as a switch being on or off. I would guess the driver is correctly recording the open state but moving the valve into a state the dashboard does not recognize.

Aside from noting here the driver you are using, you could also compare the attribute value in the device edit page to those state displayed on the area in the template setup where you can change the default colours for different states on tiles using the template.

You were correct. I completely forgot that was a custom driver. Found another that works as expected. Thanks for the insights.