Dashboard is instant since I moved all hubs to one switch

I just received a new TP-Link 5-port unmanaged gigabit switch for $15 from Amazon, connected ST, Hue, and HE to the switch, and dashboard comes up instantly now. I primarily did this because my HE was directly connected to my Netgear router and my ST hub and Hue bridge were connected to a switch, which seemed to be causing some delay in Hue lights and much delay with any automation involving a mix of Hue and HE devices. This issue seems to be fixed as well. In the process I discovered (before rebooting all of the things) that a network problem between HE and Hue would cause the HE automations to stop responding, or take 1-2 minutes to respond, and my HE went offline in the web interface. I was able to recover by by rebooting everything but HE, after which HE became responsive and I was able to reboot through the web interface. @bobbyD , is this to be expected? I thought asynchronous commands were supposed to prevent this.