Dashboard Image tile not getting refreshed

I have a dashboard image tile where the image is stored on a local LAN webserver. The image is updated every 10 minutes independent of Hubitat. The image shown on the dashboard is not being refreshed with the 5 minute dashboard refresh cycle. I can only get the latest image to show by manually refreshing the dashboard (Ctrl-R in Chrome). Not sure if this is a caching issue (it behaves like this both on Windows Chrome and Android Fully) or if it's how the dashboard refresh is called in Hubitat. Ideas?

This is happening to me as well. Images were refreshing correctly for awhile on my Tablet dashboard, but stopped earlier this week. I just noticed that my weather forecast info was 3 days old.

What kind of info can I give support for this?

Dashboard doesn't natively refresh images. It will fetch whatever is at the url on page load.

A feature request has been logged to set some sort of update frequency but right now it's up to the server the image is hosted on to set it's cache expiration in it's headers.

Documentation says otherwise, unless I am misunderstanding what refresh means in this context?

Are you using FullyKiosk browser? It has a force-refresh option that will force the page to reload on a preset schedule.

Refresh means the data but if the meta or headers on image is to cache it won't update.

Good to know, I'll use that instead thanks :+1:

I guess I don't understand the difference, but that's my problem not yours :wink:

It will refresh the data from the hub every 5 minutes. It does not refresh the page every 5 minutes.


Ohhhh ok that makes sense. Thanks.

Thanks for clarifying! I didn't quite understand that either.