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Hello to all,
My first post. Transitioning from Iris to Hubitat. Things are going well, have HSM configured for intrusion, send text, turn on lights, etc. Dashboards made up to arm HSM as needed. Intrusion alerts are sent and devices respond accordingly.

The one thing I haven't been able to figure out is how to display on the dashboard that an intrusion has occurred. If, for example wife doesn't receive txt, or push or other notification, she arrives home and turns alarm off not knowing that there was an alarm/intrusion.

Looked at all the different settings in the dashboard, settings in the HSM app but not been able to find a setting to display on the dashboard an intrusion alert. Even when opening the HSM on the dashboard the only way to see if there is an intrusion is by looking at the alerts entry, which are not very evident if an intrusion has occurred.

Running version

Any thoughts or guidance welcome.


I've been thinking of using the app controlling fully kiosk browser, to have my dashboards load a "alert!!" page as part if my water sensors detect leaks, this could also work for your case

Thanks for the reply, much appreciated, I will look at the Kiosk Browser to see if it can be used for an alert in case of an intrusion; it has potential.
As a workaround I created a virtual "Alarm" lamp that turns on when there is an HSM intrusion alert. Added the lamp to an HSM dashboard. It does a decent job. Need to be careful to not push the lamp tile by accident as this would turn on the "Alarm" lamp and give a false indication of an intrusion alarm. Maybe the next Dashboard update will incorporate some form of alerting when there is an intrusion.


Agreed - how can we have a dashboard for HE which we use Home Security Monitor on - and there is no way to see if the alarm is on or has been triggered in the dashboard?
Very odd!

I'm glad I'm not the only one tripped up by this. I'm pretty surprised the HSM tile doesn't show any indication that an alert was triggered. Hopefully they will implement that feature in a future hub update.

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I currently use very easy workaround - in Rule Machine I have created global variable, boolean, named it ALARM (or whatever you want) and created connector to SWITCH.
Now when I have intrusion alert, I set it to turn on light - and it allows you do add this variable of yours. Now you just need it to add that as switch on your dashboard and you are set :slight_smile:

I just came to the forums to search for this exact same thing. I also agree that it would be nice if the HSM tile on the dashboard would indicate that HSM has been put into intrusion status.

It's kind of odd to get a notification that my home alarm is going off but you look at the dashboard and everything looks peaceful there.

Hopefully if enough people agree it will be implemented.

hey @bravenel is there a plan to add this function to show in the dashboard if there is an intrusion/alert going on??

Not at the moment. Why not use a notification?

Yes I get notifications but when opening the dashboard it looks like everything is ok when should be showing there was an intrusion

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Give yourself a virtual switch that is red and green. Flip it to the red state upon alert, green when clear and either armed or disarmed.

I was playing with HSM tonight and also noticed this was missing. I can understand that from @bravenel 's purely analytical perspective, that a notification or virtual switch or something else "could" work, but it's just not nearly as elegant.

that is how I have set it up but in my opinion having this function native included should be something basic in any system that suppose to provide home security/alerts. thanks

I'm simply making a suggestion as the enhancement to Dashboard that you want, while on our list to do, is not available now.

Absolutely, and your suggestion is very much appreciated.

Has there been any progress on adding an alert display to dashboard please? Would be great if we could have a dashboard tile telling the admin the nature of the HSM alert e.g. Motion Hall active.

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Not a direct path, but I have HSM set to send its notification to a virtual device which creates a HTML formatted attribute for displaying on the dashboard - actually let’s me see the last 5 notifications.



Hi, would you please share how you managed to do this; I suspect through rule machine?
I created the virtual device (using your driver)

And tried to create the rule machine - but I don't think this is correct:

Thank you

Hi, I just installed this today and it works very well. These are the steps:

Install the driver provided.
Create a virtual device under devices > add device. Use the notify tile driver for the device.
Go into all of your existing notifications, or make new ones as needed, and make sure to add the tile driver device you created, as one of (or the only) notification device to send messages to.
Go into your dashboard and add a new tile, set it to attribute, and set the attribute to last5.

Im not following this very accurately-- coming from ST to HE and trying to set up HSM
on a dashboard for reference.

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