Dashboard HELP please

I've connect a push button up to a shelly one relay to be able to connect it to hubitat but is there anyway I could get the button to also change to a different dashboard automatic with the press? I want it to load my dashboard with my cctv link if that's possible ?

Many thanks Mike

So are you saying you have the button already working with Hubitat and are you now wanting to have a dashboard displayed on a tablet when that button is pressed?

yes the button is all working with in hubitat but I now just want it to change from my home dashboard to my security dashboard automatically after the button is pressed if that's possible ?

and if possible then change back to the home dashboard after a certain period e.g. 5 minutes

Changing back from one dashboard to another is very easy. Just setup a “Dashboard Link” button.

Going back after 5 minutes I have no idea if possible. Maybe by adding custom CSS code? Someone else will need to chime in on that one…

I think @mike.h.1989 wants the dashboard to change on the pressing of a physical button, if I understand the request right...

My suggestion, for this and the 5 minute change would be to look at Tasker, if you are running Android.

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That's exactly what I want. I'm running the dashboard on a touchscreen powered of a raspberry pi 4 can tasker work with the pi to automate this ?

If that's the case, Node RED may be your best bet. Tasker relies on Android, but don't worry, Node RED is probably an even better opportunity. I've only played very briefly with Node RED, and it is relatively easy to dip into, but I don't personally know exactly where to start for your situation. There are also some threads here talking about different flows / rules, because people also use it to run their home automation more generally. Enjoy!!

Thanks everyone, I will have a look in to node red.