Dashboard Glitch?

So, I am messing around with making a system-status dashboard for the house, and I wanted to change the default colour of a wet water sensor from white to red. After a misclick, I accidentally set the dry colour to red. No problem, I just click the "remove" button to put it back to default. This remove button does nothing.

As a temp fix, I've just manually set the colour to white, but it feels clunky. Wondering if this is normal behaviour.

That seems to be the case, "remove" does nothing. You have to set the color.

I have seen the same thing today. Found that if you go to Advanced you can remove the color lines under customColors for the tile you have cahnged.


Thanks! :smiley: Wasn't a big deal, but I just don't want to be leaving random stuff behind if possible; I always seem to get burned by leaving things like that alone.