Dashboard glitch for image tile

There seems to be a glitch for a tile using an "image" template in Dashboard. I have an image tile for a network camera using a network URL that works fine. I've been having refresh issues on my Fire tablet running Fully Kiosk. On a PC, while trying to set a refresh in the dashboard the "Close" button doesn't work. Tired Enter key, and mouse click. The only work around I find is to change the "Edit Tile ID: XX" at the top of the tile editor to another tile. Then Close works and option for the original tile saves.

I am not sure if it's a tile glitch or browser issue. I don't have any issue on Image tile on windows 10 or Android 13 Chrome browser. What browser are you using?

I've tried on up to date versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. Same issue. Hub is on current version.

What type of image is it? png, jpg, ??

I have 2 images. Both are mjpg. One works fine while the other does not. Probably something on my end.