Dashboard does not refresh when any browser comes out of sleep

I leave the local Hubitat dashboard open in a browser on my laptop and/or iPhone all the time. If I operate a switch locally or do anything outside the dashboard while the computer or phone is asleep, when I awaken the device, go to the page the tile for that device is not showing the correct state, and will never refresh. I have to manually reload the page to get all the tiles to show their correct state. This is true across all browsers, and devices I have ever tried. I even have the LAN refresh interval set to 1 second. If you just want to whip out your phone, and flick a light on (or off) having to reload the page, then go back into the dashbaord each time is a real barrier to adoption for non technical users in our household.

I have the same experience with Chrome browser on Android.

Crickets. Really?? How am I (and Angus_M) the only people experiencing this??

I think dashboard development is effectively stopped after Patrick left. Seems so anyway. There are multiple issues left unaddressed (I have the top menu bar missing after any browser refresh on Chrome, we have multiple reports of tiles not updating, and then this refresh issue you refer to when switching to a Chrome tab running an HE dashboard). I'm just tolerating it to be honest, but it's poor to say the least IMO. Hopefully we will see some much needed dashboard improvements soon!

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Since it's a built-in app, there is no one that can comment really besides staff. We have no access to the modify the webpage the hub sends or the groovy app that runs in the background. So, your guess is as good as anyone's. If you want total control over your "dashboard experience" you can try an app like House Panel. But I find it far too confusing and labor intensive to configure to make worth the effort. So, I too am just making due with the built-in dashboard for the time being. You're not alone in your frustrations. Right there with ya.