Dashboard Display Door Open Time

I have the myQ Garage Door app and it displays the status of the garage door (open/closed) and the number of minutes/hours the door has been open or closed.

I would like to have something similar in Hubitat, for all of my doors. At a glance I want to know how long a door has been open or closed. What would be the easiest way to do this? If it's complex to display the length of time (elapsed time) since a door was opened or closed, I would settle for just having the time of day since the door was last open or closed.

Have a look at this app. I think this is what you are looking for.

Thanks, @amithalp , but my first choice would be to explore the possibility of using the built in apps.

However, if I find that too difficult, I will definitely consider your recommendation.

You can do this using variables in Rule Machine. Here's a simple example using open as a trigger. You could use changed as a trigger and then capture the state in another variable.

@Vettester: Before seeing your post above, I just completed writing a rule almost exactly like your example! Thanks for confirming I'm on the right path!

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