Dashboard Custom image for on AND off?

This has probably been asked already but I search was not my friend this time.

I know you can create a custom Icon for the on and off (in switch template for example) however can we do a custom image instead for each option?

Currently custom image is just for the tile (instead of a solid color background). However if you want that image to change when you turn it on or off, I don't see that kind of option.

Would be nice :slight_smile:

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I know @Cobra is working on this.

I made myself a virtual switch that shows an image for on/off.
I host the images on Github. You can find my code here:

You would need to modify the lines 34 and 36 to set your own images that you host somewhere

How do you make use of the URL data from events on the custom image attribute to display the image in Dashboard?

I use the "Attribute" template that you can select on the dashboard and then select the image attribute to be shown. It will then show the image that is set for the state.

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