Dashboard Coordination with 2 HE hubs

I just set up and configured an HE hub and a Lutron Smart Bridge Pro today for the house. Due to distance, I will need a second HE hub and a second Lutron Smart Bridge Pro to service a detached garage/shop. I have multiple MESH routers connected and configured as one large SSID so everything is ready for the second bridge and hub. After I have them set up and configured will I be able to place the tiles for those devices in one of the Dashboards that I set up today? I'd like this to be seamless and not have to hassle with deciding which HE hub I am dealing with. I don't relish the notion of having to have a separate Dashboard just to take care of the devices that I control by the garage via the 2nd HE hub.

If you're using multiple hubs then you can coordinate devices from a secondary hub to the primary for use in the dashboards.

There are two main ways that people do that. There is the built in link to hub app, and the custom community app HubConnect. [RELEASE] HubConnect - Share Devices across Multiple Hubs (even SmartThings!)

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gbrown is right, use hubconnect, it's so amazing.
Forget link to hub, tried it and it can't compare with hubconnect.

Although there may well be a dozen ways of achieving your goal, I'd suggest you pick one Hub as the center of a core-and-spoke design using HubConnect. In the situation you describe, I'd suggest you evaluate where you want the best performance. That's the hub that should (ultimately) have the least distractions. It should be where you have Z-Devices and the minimum to make them work, nothing else. Simple Lighting, yes, Motion Lighting, yes, RM, yes, Lutron, yes. Most everything else should be placed on the 'other hub'.

HubConnect will 'mirror' all your critical hub's devices to the 2nd hub over your high speed LAN. Dashboard will then have ONE device list to display, probably from the garage/shop, but at LAN speeds, you won't be able tell.

HubConnect is bidirectional, so the designation of "server" (the core hub) and "remote" (the spoke) is somewhat arbitrary. Right now, with two hubs, it really might be a toss up. However, if you were to grow your system to a couple hundred devices, you may choose to split them and thus be adding a 3rd hub. I know, I have 3 -- so I know how easy it is to choose that path. :slight_smile: I have a 4th that is my development hub, but if another split became obvious, I'm ready :smiley:


So how did it work out? Spectacular , I suspect...