Dashboard "Command" tile

Is it possible to have a dashboard button "Command". When programmed, it would allow any command exposed in the associated device. The label would be the command name. The action would be to execute the command. Commands with user inputs would not need to be supported.

Rationale: This can be done by setting up button interfaces, however, those interfaces do not have a command-associated label and are therefore difficult to utilize. Doing this would simplify greatly Dashboard creation for complex devices.



Bumping this because it really needs to happen!

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I assume this is for the TV integration app.

There are a couple other apps that I use that could also utilize this as you call it "command" button or switch design. They are all apps with multiple functions or button presses, just like your TV app. These type apps can get messy with the button naming scheme or having to use virtual buttons and so on. Or they just use the silly "button 1" naming scheme which doesn't mean much in actual use.

So I don't think this is a unique situation. Would be a great enhancement to the dashboard.

I know. I have worked on the Samsung Multiroom and the TV integrations. Both have a lot of buttons. I built a button interface into the drivers so there was no need to create a bunch of Virtual Buttons; however, that does not identify the function on the tile iteslf.

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Bump! Also for TV integration and I'm sure it will come in very useful for other things too.

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