Dashboard cloning revisited

I've searched through the community topics about cloning dashboards and everything seems very old and without a solution to cloning the devices along with the dashboard json.
Has there been any advances in the dashboard cloning techniques that will now allow the complete dashboard (json plus devices) to be cloned?

You’ll need to reauthorize the devices to the dashboard child app, but after that copying the JSON (and custom CSS if you have any) from one dashboard to the other will result in a clone…

That is what I wound up doing. So as of yet there is no way to completely clone a dashboard?
Too bad.

Not a one button solution, but 3-4 steps isn’t really all that bad…

Thanks for the response. Much appreciated.

Latest version of platform allows cloning of ANY app. Including dashboards.

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Have you cloned one? When I tried the other day I was either missing a step or it wasn’t working for dashboards yet. (Or maybe it doesn’t do child apps.)

Yes. I did a couple today. Created the new dashboard, Copied the json from the source, deleted the json in the new dashboard, copied the source jason to the new dashboard and it worked. Then had to go in and re-authourize the devices.
Now have a couple of new dashboard clones.
Hope this helps.

Sorry, should have referenced @2ac16mo in the question.

Yes sir, i cloned a couple dashboard children. Worked fine on my c7.

I’ll have to play a little more then, wasn’t erroring out, but wasn’t cloning them either when I tried. Thanks.