Dashboard Button To Perform Rule

Hi, I'm new, over from Vera and stuck.

I would like have a dashboard button that will turn on one switch, then turn on another switch and then turn both off after 4 minutes. I'm thinking that a button push should be a trigger but that's not an option.


You can create a virtual device that is the button in the devices screen. Then that button can be placed on the dashboard. Under Rule Manager then when that button is "pressed" execute your sequence.


I can do that. Thanks.
I was just going round and round trying to find that.

Still Stuck, Virtual Device + does not have a button option. Virtual Switch?

Hmmm. See below...

Well,,, The Virtual Device is created, The rule works, and the Dashboard Button add says pick a template with no choices that are applicable. Can't get the button to work....

In the dashboard there is a template called "button":

Make sure in the options you select the button number you assigned to the rule.


I got it. Thanks for your patients and perseverance.


Thanks, folks, for this thread. It answered a lot of questions for me, and I got it working, too.

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This morning, it just hit me: whilst buttons aren't supported by Google Assistant or Alexa, light bulbs certainly are. So, I deleted one of my buttons, replaced it with a virtual CT bulb (I couldn't find a normal one in the list) and changed the trigger for my action to the virtual bulb. Now, I can ask my Google Home devices, my phone, my watch or my Amazon Echos to turn on the virtual bulb to achieve the result. This isn't a huge deal, as the current need is temporary (I am doggositting my niece's reasonably well-trained but enormous pittie), but it's a big help.

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I'm pleased you added the explanation behind your rule. Without it there would be lots of mental gymnastics on my part. "What the heck is that all about" :wink:



I cracked up when I saw your rule. One of my cats is just a year old, curious as all hell, and is generally in the phase of life when cats are assholes.

I use Alexa to get him off the kitchen counter with a judiciously-placed motion sensor.

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You mean, the cat is still breathing.:grin:


[quote="bjcowles, post:13, topic:21020"]
You mean, the cat is still breathing. :smile: /quote]

You beat me to it! I have six cats, ages three through thirteen, and they're all (lovable) arseholes.


I'm also a cat owner, so I understand (and carry an enormous amount of jealousy that they are able to get away with it).


They get away with it, but at least they do it silently.

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