Dashboard button for opening/closing of water valve?

I have a leaksmart water valve that I can open and close under devices, but is there a way to access it on the dashboard?

Should work choose the leaksmart water valve and then select valve then add tile. I have the Dome Water Valve but I would imagine it would be the same.

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It lets me add it that way but when I click on the tile after it's been added it doesn't give any options to open or close the valve. it just shows a question mark.

What device driver is associated with it? I have a WaterCop/Fortrezz valve that behaves correctly with the Generic Z-Wave Valve; can open/close from the Valve dashboard tile.

I have Leaksmart. It works from the valve tile.

I have Zooz valve ZAC03 and you can choose (normally) the way it will open/close:

  • by choosing valve on the tile (you need to confirm if you validate it)
  • by choosing switch on the tile (you don't need to confirm)


I'm not sure if you got this figured out, but I had the same issue. You have to make sure the device type is a "valve" - I had made it "water" which was causing the question mark issue.

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